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Art in Bloom from Moldova with love

                                The Reborn by Olga Godovaniuc

Spring has arrived in England! The days are longer and brighter and so many plants and trees - in bloom. 

But in Moldova it is still cold and, as we usually describe it, it is a time when Baba Dochia throws away her coats. Coats? Baba Dochia? Yes! This is what Moldovans say when...

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NEW Artist: Eudochia Robu

Very happy to present these stunning landscapes from Orheiul Vechi and Butuceni villages in Moldova - all painted by Eudochia Robu! 

The value of those paintings is in...
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Valentine's Day E-Vouchers: Never miss the boat!

                                            Valentine's Day E-Voucher from

It's already Valentine's Day and, believe it or not, it feels embarrassing in a busy week with no present. You might still get some chocolates, but... 

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NEW: Video Translation & Subtitling Service


Discover more about painters born in Moldova and get...
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SHARE this post and win a fine art print by Cezara Kolesnik!

Me, You and the Poppy Field by Cezara Kolesnik

Find the post on our Facebook page.
Unique pieces of art like this can offer you the comfort of beautiful dreams that we look for, especially during the cold winter months...

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Original paintings: FREE delivery within London area

Original painting delivered FREE within London area

If you live in the London area and are thinking of...

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Recalling the success of 2016 in London

This unique project was organised in London to bring the richness of Moldovan art to international audience. “I left in 1998 to study abroad...

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Moldovan fine art at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair 2016

This interview became available...

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Where is Moldova?

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Talk politics, elect your president and love art

Maia Sandu, Igor Dodon, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump 2016 Elections USA and Moldova

Our next stop is the 2016 Windsor Contemporary Art Fair on the 12th and 13th of November.

The two most talked-about issues this week are the presidential elections in the US and Moldova. The Toporaș Online Art Gallery's team is voting...

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