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Offline Show: Lesser-Known Art Treasures


offline art exhibition

An offline exhibition of original paintings,...

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Taking a stand against Copyright theft

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The Toporaș Online Art Gallery has joined the Fine Art Trade Guild (UK) Original Art Register (OAR) to protect and...

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Easy reading is damn hard writing

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This is exactly how Nathaniel Hawthorne, a 19th century American novelist and short story writer, described a process that even nowadays many people take for granted.

Often a good writing is devalued by bad writing and, of course, the situation of being surrounded by so much information we have to swim through every single day.

News, facts, truth, lie... Don't you think that...

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Art in Bloom from Moldova with love

Moldovan Artist Moldovan Painting New artists

                                The Reborn by Olga Godovaniuc

Spring has arrived in England! The days are longer and brighter and so many plants and trees - in bloom. 

But in Moldova it is still cold and, as we usually describe it, it is a time when Baba Dochia throws away her coats. Coats? Baba Dochia? Yes! This is what Moldovans say when...

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NEW Artist: Eudochia Robu

Moldovan Artist Moldovan Painting New artists

Very happy to present these stunning landscapes from Orheiul Vechi and Butuceni villages in Moldova - all painted by Eudochia Robu! 

The value of those paintings is in...

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