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Easy reading is damn hard writing

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This is exactly how Nathaniel Hawthorne, a 19th century American novelist and short story writer, described a process that even nowadays many people take for granted.

Often a good writing is devalued by bad writing and, of course, the situation of being surrounded by so much information we have to swim through every single day.

News, facts, truth, lie... Don't you think that so often it's damn hard to make sense of it?

Damn hard, agree, but nevertheless, access to information is one of the biggest achievements of our civilization. No matter how tired you might feel navigating through all sorts of information, it's a great revelation just to think how good reading can change your life. 

Well, we'll never become perfect in the end, you may say, but there is no doubt that by reading well-written books we can bring much more quality and understanding into this world. 

I don't remember what was exactly the title of the first well-written book that I read, but it made a huge difference to me. 

I hope our new selection of books in Romanian is a good start for those of you who haven't had such an experience yet. Remember: good reading can bring satisfaction.

Many ardent readers make our new collection sell fast. The online access to books for children and adults is a great thing! These books are all by Moldovan writers and illustrators with a taste of Moldova, good writing and even marvelous illustration.

For an enhanced reading experience we offer newly designed magnetic bookmarks. Easy to find and hard to loose it, this is what I can tell you about them.

Long story short: our new collection of books aims to value well-written books and enjoy reading!

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