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Vadim Palamarciuc


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Most of Vadim Palamarciuc’s paintings refer to the sea, to adventures, and to love. And there is always a mystery behind his artistic dreams, which are depicted skilfully in golden-brown shades.

There is no doubt: Vadim Palamarciuc inherited his colour palette from his father, Vladimir Palamarciuc. But his approach is entirely different.

Vadim Palamarciuc’s artistic language is sincere, non-aggressive and post-traditional. His goal is to create happiness with his own hands, though it is not easy to navigate the terrain where human desires and emotions are found.

‘As painters, I think we are always influenced, willingly or unwillingly, by everything happens around us', Palamarciuc says. ‘Our surroundings first and foremost make us differ one from another.’

The artist was born in 1970 in Chilia, a small city in Odessa province in southwestern Ukraine, which was, long ago, a major Moldovan port known for its medieval history. His family moved to Chisinau when he was about 6 years old.

But in his artistic world, Vadim Palamarciuc never left Chilia.

The city makes itself noticeable in every one of his paintings. It is a thread that links his compositions, regardless of whether the main subject is a fish, a child building a sandcastle, puppets, or the woman he loves.

Despite having been born in Ukraine, Palamarciuc says he belongs to the Moldovan cultural environment. And he works to create a fusion of his country’s pictorial heritage and the new tendencies of contemporary art.  

He graduated from the Academy of Music Theatre and Fine Arts in Chisinau in 1999. Since then, he has enjoyed painting games for children and motifs involving Greek myths.

'The themes chosen by me are not numerous, but I enjoy exploring them and I feel that they are not exhausted yet’, the artist says.

In Palamarciuc’s paintings the characters are positioned on the surface like on a palm. There is no depth in space, only in meaning.

The artist likes painting the same characters in several different ways. The intent is to keep the symbols intact while enriching his figurative paintings with his own vision in his own language rather than searching for originality and expressiveness.