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Art in Bloom from Moldova with love

Spring has arrived in England! The days are longer and brighter and so many plants and trees - in bloom. 

                         natalia Podlesnaia's painting

                                        Forget-me-nots by Natalia Podlesnaia

But in Moldova it is still cold and, as we usually describe it, it is the time for Baba Dochia to throw away her coats. Coats? Baba Dochia? This is what Moldovans say when on a beautiful and sunny day snows with small and rapid or big and lazy snowflakes.

If you haven't heard about Baba Dochia yet, all you need to know is at least a legend about her to realise why this character became so popular and useful in understanding the power of nature and the power of hope. 

It is said that once upon a time, there was an old lady called Baba Dochia. When her son Dragobete fell in love and told her that he married a girl, Baba Dochia became very furious. She decided to teach this girl a lesson, sending her on a cold winter day to the river to wash some black wool until it becomes white. The girl was threatened not to return home until the job was done.

Dragobete's wife realized that whitening the wool was an impossible task, but she still went to the river, hoping for a miracle. Her love was so strong that she could not imagine never to see her husband again. She started washing the wool in the frozen water of the river. But even when her delicate hands began bleeding, the wool was the same black.

                        Butuceni - Day with Wind by Eudochia Robu

                               Butuceni - Day with Wind by Eudochia Robu

Eventually, it had changed the colour into white after a stranger, touched by the girl's grief, approached her and gave her a red flower, asking her to throw it in the water. 

When the girl returned home with the black wool now white, Baba Dochia was not happy at all, but when she saw the red flower pinned to the girl's blouse she believed that spring has come and hurried to take her sheep to the mountains.

Baba Dochia was dressed in twelve coats and as she climbed the mountain the weather began to warm up and this is why 12 days in the row she threw her coats away one by one until she remain only in a blouse.

But it was still winter and in the evening a cold wind started to blow. This is how Baba Docia and her sheep got frozen and turned into stone. They say you can see this if you visit Bucegi Mountains. Up on the plateau you cannot miss it! The strange stone formations look exactly like Baba Dochia and her sheep.

Happy spring to everyone! Happy spring to all our Toporaș artists!

And just to remind you what Toporaș means. It is our symbol! In Romanian this word means both a violet flower and a little hatchet.  

All in one – simple, beautiful and powerful, full of love and elegance, predisposing one to imagination and allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts while feeling both the strength of red and the spirituality of blue.

                         The reborn by Olga Godovaniuc


                            The Reborn by Olga Godovaniuc

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New additions are Eudochia Robu, Natalia Podlesnaia and Olga Godovaniuc.

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