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Olga Bakitskaya


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Born in 1980 in Chişinău, Moldova's capital, the artist is currently based in Moscow.  She inherited her love for art from her father, who is also a painter and with whom she collaborated later on many artistic projects.

Bakitskaya is devoted to the associative-romantic realism. Her work is a continuous reflection of her feelings and thoughts. Her artistic language is easily perceived by viewers who are ready to reinterpret what they see.

The characters painted are extraverts and introverts, not unequivocal, totem, fetish, Christianised. They represent different civilisations, historical periods and beliefs: from European culture to that of the East, from primitive cultures to civilised, from the Bible to pre-pagan.

The artist’s primary goal is to enrich the viewer spiritually. Bakitskaya’s artworks are displayed in public collections in Moldova and Ukraine as well as in private collections in Moldova, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Greece, the USA, Canada and Germany.

The power of this artist derives from painting compositions that express the essence of the impulsive desires of human nature, a mixture of joy, sadness and love.