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Happy autumn with a taste of Moldovan art

Moldovan Painting from fineartmoldova@gmail.com on Vimeo.

The 22nd of September will stay forever in our memory...

Toporaş online art gallery's goals & values

The Toporaș Online Art Gallery - fineartmoldova.com

An article was published on http://www.stiripozitive.eu...

Summer days are never gone

Compliments to Vadim Palamarciuc!

Air Kiss by Vadim Palamarciuc

We received a message for Vadim Palamarciuc: "Just...

Moldovan art beyond all borders

Rodica SocolovIrina Melvin

The Toporaş online art gallery is launching to offer Moldovan art beyond all borders, supporting artists born in Moldova in developing professionally and enriching other cultures with Moldova’s traditional and universal values. 

The idea...