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Easy reading is damn hard writing

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This is exactly how Nathaniel Hawthorne, a 19th century American novelist and short story writer, described a process that even nowadays many people take for granted.

Often a good writing is devalued by bad writing and, of course, the situation of being surrounded by so much information we have to swim through every single day.

News, facts, truth, lie... Don't you think that...

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Art in Bloom from Moldova with love

                                The Reborn by Olga Godovaniuc

Spring has arrived in England! The days are longer and brighter and so many plants and trees - in bloom. 

But in Moldova it is still cold and, as we usually describe it, it is a time when Baba Dochia throws away her coats. Coats? Baba Dochia? Yes! This is what Moldovans say when...

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NEW Artist: Eudochia Robu

Very happy to present these stunning landscapes from Orheiul Vechi and Butuceni villages in Moldova - all painted by Eudochia Robu! 

The value of those paintings is in...
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Welcome to the Toporaş online art gallery!

We are the first online art gallery from abroad to offer you the opportunity to buy the finest original Moldovan paintings and high quality fine art prints.

These original works of art and fine art prints will add grace and depth to any collection. These lesser-known treasures are coming onto the international online market for the first time.

They can be bought for enjoyment, education or investment. 

Have a taste of Moldovan art with its most precious quality that reflects, through an idiosyncratic prism, the reality of our artists’ lives, their experiences and surroundings. 

Their finest work explores beauty and reason, complexity and dissonance.

We are here to guide you through discovering and purchasing Moldovan art because we are dedicated to bringing it to a global audience -- beyond all borders -- so it can garner the appreciation it deserves. 

Buying paintings and prints from means supporting artists born in Moldova in developing professionally while enriching other cultures with Moldova’s traditional and universal values.

Check our artists’ profiles, browse their work, ask us any questions you have, and select the art that resonates most with your tastes and ideals. 


The Toporaş Online  Art Gallery        



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The Toporaş Online Art Gallery ( is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild which is the trade association for the art and framing industry, formed in 1910.

Encouraging and promoting the best in art and framing, the guild also acts as a regulatory body and has established ethics and operative standards for its members. 

As members, we are here to offer our customers the confidence that our quality prints, originals and other products & services meet the industry standards.