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Offline Show: Lesser-Known Art Treasures

An offline exhibition of original paintings,
lesser-known treasures brought onto the international online art market for the first time by the Toporas Online Art Gallery.

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Participating artists:
Alina Palamarciuc, Gheorghe Lisita, Gheorghe Tarna, Liviu Hancu, Olga Bakitskaya, Olga Godovaniuc, Robert Ixari, Tatiana Kaymaz, Vadim Palamarciuc, and Vyacheslav Bakitsky.
In addition, the exhibition is offering a possibility to browse and buy limited edition fine art prints, all mounted and printed in the UK to the Fine Art Trade Guild’s standards.

The fine art displayed represents the cultural heritage of the Moldovan community in London. Most of the original paintings are registered in the UK as unique and original artworks.

The Toporaș Online Art Gallery project was launched to encourage freedom of artistic expression in post-soviet Moldova and encourage a cultural exchange across any borders. 

The gallery’s symbol is a violet – the word Toporaș [ t ɔ p ɔ r a ʃ ] with its double meaning in Romanian of flower and hatchet – invites you to shape the world through art, to make it better: more reasonable, peaceful, and tolerant. 

Offline Show_ painting exhibition


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