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Vyacheslav Bakitsky


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Born in 1950 in Fântânița village in Moldova. Vyacheslav Bakitsky’s conceptual realism unveils to the viewer inner ideas expressed with a cold colour palette sporadically enlivened by vivid but modest brush strokes.

His academic approach to the form, combined with abstract elements, primarily presents thoughts and feelings as attractive and skilfully visualised puzzles that engage us endlessly in a search for wisdom and meaning. 

Bakitsky professed principles in the work of conceptual realism, meditated by the return of artists and audiences to experience through images a mythological understanding of life, the cult of the heroic, the feeling of the saga, lyrical mood, and philosophical reflection.

The viewer is given the opportunity to extract symbolic meanings out of an abstract improvisation and combine them all into a sort of personal drama to make his vision of the world.

Each painting is a provocation to think in a given space and time.