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Alina Palamarciuc


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Born in 1974 in Drăgănești, Moldova, Alina Palamarciuc studied between 1993 -1999 at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in the country’s capital city, Chișinău.

Fifteen years ago she moved to Porto; living in Portugal has opened new doors for her and given her new opportunities. She dedicates most of her time to creating and she also enjoys giving occasional painting lessons, whether private or in cooperation with cultural organisations. 

Her style is influenced by avant-garde art with a hint of post modernism. She is reluctant to associate herself yet with any particular style, and describes her current style as neo-quantic-avant-garde. She experiments with various subjects – exploring, on a personal and spiritual level, the concept of human existence from different points of view: moral, social, spiritual, personal.

She feels art is her most effective means of expression and her aim is to contribute to our world something new, unique and personal.