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The Toporaș Online Art Gallery Celebrates its 1st Anniversary

One year ago, at this same time of the day, I was writing our manifesto to send to the Toporaș artists. Several minutes later, I was very excited to announce the launch of our online art gallery, a project aimed to promote Moldovan fine art internationally.

I remember going from room to room trying to keep my heart from jumping out of my chest. It was happening! The past and the future were right there, changing places: an end to all the preparations and a beginning to something new and as yet unknown.

Earlier the same year, somebody had warned me that I should be ready to face lots of disappointments. I knew there was no way to avoid this, but I hoped there would not be too many. I believe that when you are doing something from the heart, there is no way to avoid being hurt, but there is also a kind of internal power that always keeps you going.

The same person messaged me: “Pour some coffee, relax and wait for the art lovers to react”. It was nice of him to encourage me. I agreed: “Some coffee – and maybe some biscuits, too”.

Beautiful projects don’t come to life easily. But in one year’s time the Toporaș Online Art Gallery has got stronger. Our number of artists has nearly doubled. Well-deserved progress! And the most important aspect is that it attracts art lovers, encourages the artists and opens new perspectives for freedom of expression that can shape this world for the better.

We have lots of ideas to be implemented. But now it is the time to celebrate.

Happy anniversary!

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