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Me, You and the Poppy Field by Cezara Kolesnik

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Unique pieces of art like this can offer you the comfort of beautiful dreams that we look for, especially during the cold winter months.

Me, You and the Poppy Field was painted by Cezara Kolesnik and was one of the first works that took the artist on a journey towards her new collection of works depicting kids in gardens.

This skilfully done painting that draws on elements of both art history and folk is in London at the moment.

It can be bought with FREE delivery within the London area that was extended just for a few more days and with a 10% discount (Code: WINTER17).

The person who buys it will also get a FREE fine art print by the same artist.

We recommend that you to select and buy this painting, because there is a mystery in it that you'll be happy to explore for years to come.

Just look into this little boy's eyes, then at the red horse that is able to eat amber and make you wishes come true!

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