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selfportrait by gheorghe munteanu fineartmoldova

So many paintings and fine art prints to choose from -- more than ever before! I have quite a few favourites, and in each case I have a reason. 

I might not like the way Crimea was annexed by Russia, but my father served in the Russian Navy and the most amazing stories I have heard from him relate to this period in his life. 

The reality was grim but mixed with more funny moments that you can imagine! 

Long story short: My father is a lovely person, a former school teacher and a hard worker. He is not a good dancer, but he sings and plays by ear. 

He built his house and a school for a village. And he became a tough guy in the army where he was first an ordinary "салага" peeling potatoes. Then he advanced in rank and was in charge of several navy guys.

He is 80 now, but his memory of the navy is so vivid! Would you forget when you were wearing a jump suit and a mask and then gassed to see how well you reacted? Or how you were given a week to go home as a prize for catching a couple of hundred rats on the ship? And so many more stories ...

And after all of that, my father is a very happy guy! 

How do you find this painting now? Do you need more information? 

No doubt, this image too can tell many stories. It is a self-portrait of one of our Moldovan painters who, were it not for his navy service, would probably never have become a painter. He is my father's age and a former teacher, as well. 

After serving in the navy, Gheorghe Munteanu studied at the State Institute of Arts in Kiev. Read his story and look through his artworks here: https://fineartmoldova.com/pages/gheorghe-munteanu

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