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Fine art printing: the digital revolution

fine art printing: the digital revolution by rodica socolov

The August 2016 issue of Art + Framing Today magazine is out!

It includes another must-read article by Rodica Socolov, founder and managing director of The Toporaș Online Art Gallery.

'Fine art printing: the digital revolution', discusses the growing popularity of collecting fine art prints and how 'advances in inkjet printing technology mean fine art prints are now of unsurpassed quality in terms of reproduction and the longevity of the materials and pigments used.'

Rodica visits the high-quality side of the industry and talks to two fine art printers about their work.

Read the article and find out: 

- how buying a fine art print increases the artist's creativity

- how giclée and canvas prints, have come to be closer to the original paintings than ever possible before

- how fine art prints have come to be proud additions to any art-lover and collector's home and office, and often good investment as well

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