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A book about understanding today's art

We are glad to offer for sale from private collections a bilingual edition, in Romanian and French, of a guide to artistic terms, concepts and phenomena. It was written and published under direction of Montreal University scholar Maia Morel.  

We decided to make a few copies available to help art-lovers better understand what Moldovan art represents today.

While the guide is informative, it is important to realize that each person will understand a work of art in his or her own way -- filtered through his or her own experience.

There is no right way or wrong way to appreciate art. And a particular painting may speak to an individual in different ways with the passage of time.

The 102-page guide, published by Editions Peisaj, Canada, in 2013, is comprised of an introduction and 52 short essays, each illustrated with an artwork by a Moldovan artist. The copies we're offering are new, not used.

We hope it will help art-lovers and professionals gain a deeper understanding of the artistic development and changes currently occurring in Moldova’s cultural space. 

Publication of the guide was supported by the Soros Open Society Foundation (Foundation Open Society Institute, Switzerland) and the Francophone University Agency (Antena Chisinau) to contribute to strengthening civil society through arts and culture.

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