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Enthusiasm online for the Toporaş art selection!


We have been gratified by the response we have received in the short time since we launched the Toporaş Online Art Gallery. It has exceeded our expectations and made all the work seem worthwhile.

We’ve reported in another post how fast our following has grown on Facebook and Twitter. Traffic on the site has been great, too.

But the comments we’ve received from art-lovers who have visited the site have been even more gratifying.

And, truth be told, that’s not a credit to us. It’s a tribute to the artists and the wonderful work they have allowed us to exhibit on our site.

A sampling of the comments we have received so far:

  • ‘I enjoyed your online gallery; great job.’ 
  • ‘Really interested work you have on there.’ 
    • ‘Looks really good congratulations.’ 
  • Îmi plac mult toate lucrarile Cezarei. Și mai era un artist … Nu cunoșteam despre el. În general ideea e minunată. Vă felicit pentru această inițiativă. Sit-ul demonstrează calitate. (I really like all Cezara’s works. And there was another artist … Munteanu. I did not know of him. In general the idea is wonderful. I congratulate you on the initiative. The site demonstrates quality.) 
  • ‘Nice art.’ 
  • ‘Just had a quick look for now. There’s some wonderful work. Love “Air Kiss”. My compliments to the artist.’ 
  • Vă invit să descoperiți un nou portal care geme de frumos. Este primul website cu artă/despre artă din Moldova. Se numește Toporaș (aflați pe site de ce) și va propune nu doar să descoperiți ci să și cumpărați opere create de artiștii nostri. (I invite you to discover a new website that is so beautiful it hurts. It’s the first website displaying art/about art from Moldova. It’s called Toporaș (see why on the site) and offers you the chance not only to discover but to buy works created by our artists.) 
  • ‘Congrats. Very nice art!’ 
  • ‘You have beautiful fine art/paintings on your site. I wish you much success. If I can help in any way, please let me know! 
  • Благородно! Так держать! Чтобы весь мир знал о наших молдавских умельцах! (Noble! Keep it up! Let the world know about our Moldovan craftsmen!) 
  • Arată super site-ul!!! Să fie cu noroc!! (The website looks super!!! Good luck!!) 
  • Cezara is really bright! 
  • Site-il este foarte bun ! Felicitări ! (The site is very good! Congratulations!) 
  • Îmi place acest tablou, dar toate-s speciale pe site în felul lor. (I like this one, but all of the ones on the site are special in their way.) 
  • Ce-i frumos - și lui Dumnezeu îi place! (What's beautiful, God likes, as well.) 
  • Lucrările sunt minunate. O să fie o bătălie imensă pentru artiștii din Moldova. Și cel mai frumos este ca sunt promovați. (The works are beautiful. It is going to be a big fight for Moldovan artists. And the most beautiful is that they are promoted.) 
  • Felicitări! Faceți un lucru mare. Succes ! (Congratulations! You do a great job. Success!)



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