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When gorgeous autumn evokes harvesting

 Dawn by Gheorghe Munteanu

Ioana Grajdean from Olișcani was created by Gheorghe Munteanu in 1974 as result the influence of Tatiana Yablonska, internationally recognised as one of the most important Ukrainian painters during the socialist realism period, who taught at the State Institute of Arts in Kiev, from which he graduated in 1970.

Yablonska taught Munteanu monumental art and numerous other techniques that have allowed him to create both rural and urban landscapes, thematic paintings, still lifes and portraits.

Mastering the good old-fashioned technique of oil painting and the skills of his academic school, the painter gently immerses the viewer in a real and living world.

Munteanu believes every artist should be involved with the events of his time. Ioana Grajdean was a woman from the village where the artist was born.

Countryside and simple situations where ordinary people, cultivating the grapevine with care, keep their traditions and faith and live their lives in an unhurried way, attract the artist.

'Gorgeous autumn days for them have nothing to do with a romantic leaf fall or blue lakes, but instead evoke the hot time of harvesting', the artist says. 

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