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What inspires our artists from Moldova this summer?

The Toporaș Online Art Gallery travels to Moldova to explore the poppy fields, nature, landscape and aerial views of Moldova that inspire our talented Moldovan artists this summer.

aerial view of red poppies in a green wheat field near Chisinau, Moldova

Amazing early morning aerial view of poppies in a wheat field near Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.


red poppy near river Răut in Moldova

Poppy by the river Răut.


poppies and blue flowers

Poppies and blue flowers on the edge of a sunflower field.


poppies and wild flowers growing in tall grass

Poppies and wild flowers growing in tall grass. 


poppies and landscape

Poppies and landscape. 


red poppy

Red poppy.

Photos by Irina Melvin for The Toporaș Online Art Gallery

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Would you like to find out more about Moldovan art, artists or the country's art history? We recommend that you read 'Language of the heart', an article by Rodica Socolov, journalist and founder of the Toporaș Online Art Gallery, published in the UK in the April issue of the Art + Framing Today magazine. 

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