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Summer Day at the birthplace of William Shakespeare

Summer days in England are very beautiful. When the long days arrive, the rain stops being so nasty and persistent, the sun brings its gentle kisses and all the fields and streets are in bloom. Summer days in England are like beautiful dreams you never want to end.

Have you seen the fine art print Summer Day by Cezara Kolesnik? Sharp, detailed and vibrant! It could make your dream about summer days never die.

‘I have a vivid memory of this warm summer evening, hills and those golden flowers, which like little stars were dripping their petals for several days until they were gone", says the artist.

Kolesnik painted it from her memories of summer days in Moldova, where she was born and raised, but the value of this giclée is universal.

The Toporaș Online Art Gallery has recommended that it be nominated for the best 2016 Up and Coming Artist Award in the UK. The UK Fine Art Trade Guild organised an online voting, giving the public the opportunity to have a say in choosing the best image worth of this award. The winner will be announced during the Art and Framing Convention 2016 in Stratford-Upon-Avon on the 7th of April.

This is why, soon, Kolesnik's Summer Day will travel virtually to the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

We hope it will capture attention, because beyond the Moldovan tradition to plait wreaths of flowers during a midsummer celebration, it reconstructs so precisely the summer spirit on the both sides of the English Channel, when it is still time to dream, to love and to be happy. 

Whenever it happens. Whenever the time is right.

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