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Tudor Zbârnea could make a donation to his hometown

News that Tudor Zbârnea is ready to make a donation to his hometown is spreading in the Moldovan press.

Yesterday Expresul revealed that on the 1st of April the Moldovan artist told them he would love to donate his own paintings and those he collected by other artists to be publicly displayed in Nisporeni. They say it is not a joke. Ziarul National tells us the donation could be substantial.

Don't know whether it is true or not, but one could easily assume that something real and nice could come out of this one day.

Tudor Zbârnea was born in 1955 in Nisporeni town, 80 kilometres west of Chisinau, Moldova's capital city. He graduated from Ilya Repin College of Fine Arts in Chisinau in 1981 and from the George Enescu University of Arts in Iasi, Romania, in 2001.

The Toporaș Online Art Gallery has on its fineartmoldova.com website several original artworks and fine art prints by Tudor Zbârnea.

We believe it would be a very important step for Nisporeni to have such a collection. Just imagine the impact and leave the maths aside.

Does it matter how many paintings and how much Zbârnea could donate? Maybe, but for now it is more important to let the art speak for itself in Nisporeni or elsewhere, and we are very happy about it.

Listen to the interview the artist gave to Radio Free Europe here.

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