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How to find and select art?

What kind of art can I find on your website? 

Original paintings and fine art prints in myriad styles, from abstract to figurative to traditional and more.


How can I find what I like? 

You can sort through our art in a variety of ways. You can search by the name of the artist, originals, prints, or the medium used.  Or in the collections of originals or prints, you can sort by date added to the site, best sellers, price, and featured artworks. 


Can I find suggestions on the website? 

From the home page, go to Editor’s Choice to see The Top Ten recommendations. 


How can I find out more about specific Moldovan artists? 

From the Artists page, you can access profiles of individual artists, along with quotes from them about their work. And you can access their originals, their fine art prints, or both. 


Can I get one-on-one help selecting the art that’s right for me? 

You betcha! Give us a buzz at +44 7775 42 7580, write us an email at fineartmoldova@gmail.com, or fill in the contact us form here. 


How do I start an art collection? 

First, decide whether you want to buy art to decorate your home or office, to educate yourself, or to invest. 

Collections have more value when they are built around a theme – a certain style, a particular artist, a specific period of time, or a certain subject such as flowers, children, landscapes, and so on.

Above all, choose something you like. 


How do I share what I like with friends? 

Simple! At the bottom of the page featuring any particular original or fine art print, look for the “Share this Product” buttons for Facebook, Twitter and G+. 


How do I discover newly added art and artists on fineartmoldova.com? 

In the collections of originals or prints, you can sort by date added to find the newest additions to the site. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter for announcements regarding new artists and artworks. 


What’s the best way for me to select art as a gift for someone? 

If you are unsure of what kind of artwork would please your friend or relative, the best thing to do is to Contact Us and request a Toporaş Gift Card, available in various denominations -- £10, £25, £40, £100 and £200. And they never expire.