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Robert Ixari 

Robert Ixari

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R.I. Profile © Toporaş online art gallery 

Robert Ixari was born in 1970 in Edineț, in northern Moldova. His parents were chemistry and biology professors but they loved art, so he was encouraged to do what he loved – painting.



He graduated from the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Chișinău in 1995. His style is a mixture of figurative, modern impressionism, and contemporary realism. Following a number of solo and group exhibitions in Ukraine, the Netherlands, Moldova, and Cyprus, and in private collections in countries such as Norway, Italy and the USA, he participated in his first UK exhibition in 2016.



The artist aims to show the inner state of his characters. For example, in his Harlequin collection he doesn’t portray the jesters as just happy but in various spiritual moods, as well.



Ixari has a call for depicting details to perfection whether this is a portrait or an immense landscape. But sometimes he deliberately plays with hews and shadows to make the seen more vibrant or dramatic.