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Liviu Hancu

Liviu Hâncu

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A.P. Profile © Toporaş online art gallery

Born in northern Moldova in 1959, in Volodeni village, Liviu Hâncu studied at the University of Fine Art and Architecture in St Petersburg, Russia.

Most of his time is dedicated to painting but he is also an associate professor at the Technical University of Moldova. Influenced by Russian realistic art as well as French impressionism, he is today one of the most well-known names in Moldovan art.

He draws his inspiration from nature and specialises in landscapes; he has, more recently, begun experimenting with still life. Hâncu, enjoys creating en plein air whatever the weather or time of the day: whether a summer sunset or a bright winter noon.

He aims to bring new life to familiar subjects with his unique approach and skilful technique. His works can be found in public collections such as the National Museum of Arts of Moldova as well as private collections in America, Europe and Middle East and Asia.