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Gheorghe Lisita


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G.L. Profile © Toporaş online art gallery

Born 1982 in Suhuluceni, Teleneşti, Moldova, Lisița is currently based in Chişinău, the country’s capital. He graduated from the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Chişinău in 2006 and earned his master’s degree from the Ion Creangă Pedagogical University in Chişinău in 2007.

His parents had opposing views regarding his career: his father wanted him to take up painting professionally, while his mother wanted him to do IT and Mathematics. Given his love for art, he listened to his heart. Lisița was always fascinated by Rembrandt, Grigorescu and Turner.

He describes the start of his work as always being very passionate. ‘It is easy to get lost, to become one with the painted trees or flowers as part of the composition’, says the artist.

The integral flavour of colours based on saturated tint offers his paintings depth, energy and polychromatic weight.

His professionalism, chromatic fluidity and variety of topics, as well as the diversity of motives and generalised resolutions, confer on his artworks plastic integrity.

Most of his artworks are in private collections in Moldova, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, France, Italy, the USA, Malta, Poland, Portugal, the U.K., Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The artist's work was exhibited in the UK in 2016 at the Artists' Open House in Wandsworth and at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair.