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ABC: Understanding today's art

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This bilingual edition, in Romanian - ABeCedar: Cum să înţelegem arta de azi,  and in French - ABéCédaire: Comprendre l'art d'aujourd'hui - is a guide to artistic terms, concepts and phenomena written and published under direction of Montreal University scholar Maia Morel.  

The guide addresses the general public, art lovers and professionals. It is also for artists, collectors, critics, researchers and other relevant actors from Moldova and abroad to promote artistic education in Moldova and to shed light on the artistic development  and changes currently occurring in Moldova’s cultural space.

It is comprised of an introduction and 52 short essays, each illustrated with an artwork by a Moldovan artist.


Editions Peisaj, 2013, Canada, 102 p.


This publication was supported by the Soros Open Society Foundation (Foundation Open Society Institute, Switzerland) and the Francophone University Agency (Antena Chisinau) to contribute to strengthening civil society through arts and culture.


We are offering just a few copies for our French and Romanian speaking art-lovers. All copies are new . They were made available to us for sale from some private collections.


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