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Olga Godovaniuc graduated from the ‘George Enescu’ Faculty of Visual Arts and Design at the University of Arts in Iasi, Romania in 2014.

The artist, currently based in the UK, has chosen to work in the fantastic realism style, depicting her characters primarily with blue and purple hues that best accommodate the idea of the road of the infinite, where reality turns into fantasy. This narrative fiction is driven by multiple ideas that refer to the interdependence of the material and spiritual worlds.

In my work I refer to the human being and the soul, trying to connect the sky with the earth. My characters always have diaphanous images, but the connection with reality is essential’, says the artist.

Godavaniuc finds inspiration in philosophical ideas and the chromatic palette used by the Romanian painter Sabin Balasa. She works only in oil on canvas. Her paintings have been previously exhibited in Moldova and Romania.

The artist believes the human soul is like a microcosm in which the energies of the universe are reflected. The blue of the sky is the edge that separates man from the other world – and from his fate, as well.

When we look at the sky, we realize the insignificance of man in front of its unlimited height. This is a powerful experience that I desire to convey in my paintings’, points out Godovaniuc.

According to the artist’s view, art forces us today to become accustomed to an overdose of stimuli and contradictory values. It has a sharp note of surprise and strikes us by its quantity and intense multiplicity. But the orientation towards a real self is an antidote to the egocentric and compromised world in which we live.

This is why the artist is determined to share in her paintings just a moment of peace and silence in the turmoil of daily events.